Should communities embrace every technology out there in Senior Living?

Not really.

Technology provides great connectivity, documentation, and data streams. It’s used to provide security, surveillance, access, and distress calls. Plus, it provides WiFi and convenience features like RFID door locks.

But not all technology has proven itself as welcome.

This is clear where technology meets the resident. Today’s residents don’t embrace devices and screens the way their families do, and certainly not like we want them to.

There are some great options out there as health trackers, and tablets for learning, and socializing, but not all seniors care about them.

We’ve worked with several communities who have tried Fitbits and interactive software, but without the constant oversight of care givers, particularly the Activities Director, these features are left alone.

Why is that? Why don’t the current population of seniors want to use these great tools for health and enjoyment? Perhaps because it’s not from their time, it’s from ours and we are forcing our love for technology on them.

Oh sure, there are adopters out there, but probably not as many as we hope for.

So, if technology is not for the seniors, then who is it for…the seniors!

For now, the technology we need to concentrate on is in the care systems for the residents. We have a long way to go to eliminate paper records and integrate with physicians in a standardized way.

This biggest impact we can have on the health and wellbeing of seniors today is to focus on making technology work in operations, not in the hands of the residents.

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