Every year it gets closer, and every year it seems more inevitable. There will be a complete and unavoidable infiltration of senior living by all kinds of technology.

And, for the most part, that’s true. Some of it has already happened, such as WiFi, flat screen TVs, Digital Signage, EMAR and HER. These are pretty innocuous, but more is coming:

Robots- Tele-Health – Wearable Monitoring – Fall Detection – GPS Wander Prevention – Tablets – Smartboard TVs – Robotic Medication Passing – Movement Sensors – Integrated APPs on Smart phones for Care Givers – Brain Fitness Programs – Predictive Technology – And my personal favorite ROBOTIC CATS AND DOGS in Memory Care…

Then there’s the business aspect of technology:

CRM – EMAR – EHR – Servers – Communications – Corporate Computing – New Programs – Data Protection – Virus Prevention – Service Planning…

I’m sure this is a very short list of all of the tech marvels operators will have the privilege of selecting.

And that brings up a good question, “How should operators prepare for such technology?”

Of course, not every community will have every latest shiny object, and that’s OK. But even a few items can have a significant impact on the technology ecosystem of a community. Most technology will need some kind of communications system to a central hub. Some will utilize WiFi, and some will use cellular, but none of that happens without planning and preparation.

That’s why a technology strategy is so important for every community; new or established. A thorough survey of what’s available needs to be made by each operator with an eye on what’s not available yet.

The decision for technology should be based on the care model of your community. Tele-health may be perfect for a rural community and unnecessary for one across the street from a Medical complex. Why have robotic cats and dogs if you don’t have a Memory Care unit? Etc.

The bottom line on any technology decision comes down to your community’s technology ecosystem – what is it made to handle and how is it positioned to handle future technology.

These are foundational questions to the technology discussion, and one that must involve a partnership of the operator and the technology professionals at Tazergy.

We understand exactly how to build you a solid technology ecosystem that will accommodate today’s technology, while being expandable for tomorrow’s We don’t know everything that’s coming, but we are in the perfect position to prepare your community for whatever technology you choose. Now and in the future.

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