Radio Frequency Identification…sounds like something from the future, right?

Well, it’s here now and it really helps seniors in communities that have it.

Imagine a watch sized bracelet made of flexible rubber on a senior’s wrist. That’s what an RFID band looks like and it’s easy to wear. It doesn’t get in the senior’s way, and it weighs very little.

But inside this band is a small chip that has been encrypted with the senior’s ID number. All a resident has to do to unlock their suite door is hold the bracelet up to a large panel by the door latch. Once the panel reads the chip, it unlocks the door, so the resident can enter.

While that sounds simple, a lot is actually going on here. When the chip is presented, the panel reads the ID number. If it valid for that door, the door unlocks. If a resident has become confused and approaches the wrong door, it will not unlock.

The RFID takes place of a physical key, which can easily be misplaced. And keys are difficult for some seniors to use with unsteady hands or arthritis. It’s so much easier to simply place the band next to the door for access.

All RFID activity is time stamped and recorded by the system. This record becomes valuable in situations where there’s a question of who has been in the suite and when they were there.

Because each person in the community wears an RFID band, the system can keep track of every person unlocking any door at any time. This adds a level of security and accountability within the community.

The chips can be programmed according to an employee’s need to access certain parts of the community. A care giver may be able to unlock and enter all resident suites but can be blocked from entering the room where the medications are kept. The same is true for the custodial staff.

RFID bands can be distributed to employees based on any level of access the operator desires.

The Executive Director and Nurse may have access to every door, the dining manager may only have access to the kitchen, exterior doors, but no resident suites. Regardless of the level of access, all door “transactions” are recorded.

That’s something a traditional lock just can’t do.

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