It is tempting to think of adding technology to Senior Living communities as a differentiation factor in the market. And, to a degree, that is one result of it.

We have seen operators implement multiple technologies and broadcast to the market that technology is what makes them the best choice. But the presence of technology does not mean it’s being used, nor is it an indicator of the level of care in a community.

Tazergy doesn’t support technology for technology’s sake. We continually pioneer this area for one reason only – the care and well-being of Senior residents.

The founding members of Tazergy came from the Senior Living industry. Each worked as Construction or Technology Managers within national operators before uniting and creating Tazergy. Care for Seniors has always been at the heart of the company and its employees.

Today, there is so much potential technology brings to Senior Living. It ranges from simply WiFi to advanced predictive programs and devices. Data is no longer a static collection of numbers. It is being used to create actionable information to further the care of Seniors.

For instance, motion detecting systems to monitor resident waking behavior at night allows care givers to know when a resident is out of bed and possibly needing assistance. That’s the obvious use of this system. But look a little deeper and operators establish see patterns of nighttime behavior and can detect deviations from those patterns.

Those deviations might indicate a UTI or some other condition, and that information can be communicated to the resident’s physician for medical intervention. That’s a powerful and positive use of technology!

And there are more and more fantastic developments every year that can assist in the care of Seniors in your communities.

Sure, a marketer can make big claims about how advanced their community is, but if the benefits of technology aren’t centered on the residents, what’s the point?

Tazergy will help you decide what systems you need based on your mission. Our goal is to design and develop a reliable technology ecosystem for your communities and corporate offices.

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