Video cameras are everywhere in our world and sometimes you wish they weren’t.

One place you’ll be glad they are present is in your Senior Living community, because they can serve several purposes. Cameras improve safety, security, and operations.

Let’s say a resident falls in the hallway and the family blames it on a tripping hazard created by a cord from a vacuum cleaner. A quick review of the video record makes it clear the resident simply fell with no cord in the area.


If a valuable item is missing from a suite and there are no RFID door locks to identify who opened the door, the camera sees it and records the intruder.

Cameras are very useful in interior common areas, such as hallways and other rooms where residents gather. Outside, they can be trained on entrances, exits, courtyards, sidewalks and parking lots.

It should be noted, cameras are never in the resident suites. Motion detecting technology is needed to know when a resident is out of bed at night.

All video cameras in a community can be displayed in a grid on a screen at the front desk. This gives staff and managers a visual survey of what is happening in the community. They can quickly see if a fall has occurred or just to do a general check of the life in the community.

Managers can even access the video system remotely using their home computer or a tablet.

This ability to see in and around the community at night increases safety for staff who are walking to their cars. Cameras can also alert the staff to the presence of delivery vehicles.

Today’s systems keep a record of video for a specified length of time. Because the need for video replay is usually known quickly, there is no need for saving old video images.

How many cameras does your community need and what other components does a system require? Tazergy can help you with those answers.

We’ve been designing video and technology systems for communities throughout the United States for 10 years. We know what systems will work for your community and what other technology you will need to operate a safe and secure environment.

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