In the past, when a resident pressed their emergency pendant, care givers would rush to the resident’s suite. If the resident was elsewhere in the community, a frantic search would then occur to find that resident.

With today’s technology, care givers can know exactly where in the community the resident is.

By utilizing the wireless internet equipment in the building, the system can pinpoint the location of the resident needing assistance.

Tazergy designs advanced WiFi systems with repeaters every 15 feet throughout the corridors of each story of the community. The location of each piece of equipment is known, so when an eCall button is pressed, the device receiving the strongest signal is identified. This allows the system to tell care givers where the resident is in the community.

This is one of the most compelling reasons why communities should be equipped with such cutting edge technology where wireless internet is concerned.

As you can see, WiFi isn’t just for surfing the web, it’s also for the safety of residents.

Because it is now an integral part of care, it makes sense to investigate how else it can serve you and your residents. WiFi has become a critical component in the communication of other equipment within Senior Living communities.

Tazergy can advise you in the strategy for the technology you need to have in your community. Plus, we can design and oversee the installation of your entire technology ecosystem. This includes each community and the corporate offices.

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