We use that term a lot at Tazergy, because it’s the best way to describe the connectivity and interconnectivity in a community and enterprise.

In short, your technology ecosystem is the closed digital network of your company. Your ecosystem extends beyond computers and the computer network, it includes your corporate and community-based equipment for operations and care.

In communities, the ecosystem centers on the low voltage infrastructure over which devices transmit digital data, whether that be text or images. Systems like your WiFi, security cameras, access controls, and digital signage and more tap into this network.

At the corporate headquarters, the ecosystem is more of what you would expect in a business environment. Servers, computer equipment, and programs are all included in the ecosystem.

In the past, all of these systems and peripheral equipment stayed separate. That meant each system had its own design, its own installers, and its own support. This led to a large amount of repetition and complexity for the operator when something went wrong.

Tazergy has changed all of that in Senior Living by designing a single ecosystem in which different devices can communicate and be managed. By using a single source for these system, operators only have one point of contact for training, repairs, and information. Even telephony is included in our services.

Plus, we’ve taken it a step further. Because we design your ecosystem and order specific equipment, we know the serial numbers, manufacturers, and support desks for each. When a problem arises or you need to expand your capabilities, Tazergy is the only contact you need to make.

This efficiency is even more apparent when you utilize our Managed Services Team. This is you go to team for training, operation, repairs, and information about each system you use.

We make onboarding a new hire easy by setting them up with phones, emails, passwords, and even new computer equipment and software.

In short, Tazergy IS your IT Department at a much lower cost than hiring full-time employees. And unlike employees, we aren’t limited by your current systems. We always have our eyes on future advancements and ways to streamline your operations.

Every community and corporate Headquarters has a technology ecosystem, ,many are chaotic masses of separate systems, and some are efficient and synergistic blends of well-managed technology…those are the ones Tazergy designed.

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