As a Senior Living operator adds more communities, the idea of hiring an IT Department may arise. Is that really a good idea?

Maybe, if your corporate budget can handle the strain of several new hires and their benefits. But that’s not the real test of onboarding an IT staff.

What’s important about the support element of your community’s and corporate office’s technology is breadth of knowledge. Most IT people are well equipped to work with server issues and the popular Microsoft programs, but Senior Living technology reaches much farther than that into the physical and operational aspects of the communities.

At the community level, much more than the corporate offices, the diversity of technology is great.

Communities can have surveillance cameras, restricted access keypads, Wi-Fi routers and repeaters, digital signage, RFID door locks and more. The average IT candidate will not have knowledge or experience with such a wide variety of equipment. Nor will they understand the Low Voltage network that powers most of the systems.

It’s not that they cannot learn these special configurations, it’s more of operators wanting to take the time to train and orient them to Senior Living technology. Add to that the VoIP phone system, and the learning curve is steep. And once they do learn some of the systems, they won’t know how the entire technology ecosystem functions. Tazergy has derived that knowledge from years of experience and through every project in which we’ve been involved.  

Because we design these extensive and complex systems, we have granular knowledge of each system and how it functions within the technology ecosystem.

Once our designs are installed and tested, day-to-day support is turned over to our ITaaZ Support Team, traditionally referred to as “managed services” or help desk.”  Tazergy’s ITaaZ help desk team encompasses a much broader range of knowledge and skills specific to senior living, which is what make us different. Our Support Engineers are very familiar with each community’s ecosystem and have detailed documentation and knowledge of the integrations throughout the building. Plus, we usually have direct access to the actual designer and installer of the system, should we ever need it.

The ITaaZ team works with their clients to handle new hire equipment ordering, system security, password changes, and questions or service requests from users. Of course, the individual services are more extensive than we can mention here.

Just imagine the simplicity and convenience of having all of your corporate and community users direct their technical concerns or problems to one source….and that one source, knows everything about your systems.

What a huge relief that would be, and you get it without adding a single IT person to your payroll .

The ITaaZ support team also stands between you and the manufacturer. Should a piece of equipment fail, we will take the support request and the call the vendor of that system. We speak their language, plus we have the exact model numbers of each piece of equipment installed in your company.

Sure, you can hire an IT staff and add them to your overhead. And you can pay them to while they attempt to be trained in every system in every community, including your corporate office, or you can quickly have total support of all your facilties with Tazergy’s Tazergy’s ITaaZ Support Team.

Senior Living operators are great at caring for seniors, Tazergy is great at making technology work for those seniors.

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