With hurricane season in full swing and knowing the potential for disaster as we saw last year, now is the time to count on Tazergy for our most recommended and most commonly deployed hosted phone system solution powered by 8×8. 

Because we are able to fully support 8×8 in conjunction with Tazergy’s other monthly services for our ITaaZ Managed Services clients, you can benefit from our team support for your communities that may lay in harm’s way: 

  • Tazergy is dialed into potential weather issues looming across the country near all facilities that we support.  
  • We can be instrumental in crafting, implementing, and supporting (capable of being modified at a moment’s notice) a communication system that is resistant to failure—even during catastrophic weather events.  
  • The Tazergy team proactively works with operators and communities to create greetings/messages that can respond to phone calls in times of uncertainty.  
  • These messages, updated by a local community team member (or a member of the management team) can contain up-to-date information specific to the community under duress, such as: 
  • State of facility  
  • Status of residents  
  • Evacuation parameters and strategy for communication to families  
  • Community update messages can be easily changed at regular intervals as things change.  System greetings can be updated on the fly, after Tazergy and client collaborate on the message, and then Tazergy completes the back-end work. 
  • Calls can be routed to another receiver anywhere, another state, to corporate, etc. 
  • Alleviates the burden on community teams in having to respond to incoming calls requesting status updates 

When it comes to Hurricane Season the best advice we can offer you is the motto:  “Be prepared!” 

Contact Tazergy for further information at 404-829-3749. 

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