As hurricanes head for the southeast coast this season, you may be preparing for the possible devastating landfall or you may be thousands of miles away and will not be affected by its power. Maybe your weather events are more snow related or possibly tornadoes but as a business operator we all should be prepared, in advance, for events that we have no control over. You should be asking yourself “what business critical system do we depend on every moment of every day”? The senior living industry has many points of concern but in the end, nothing is more critical that the lives of the residents we serve. What systems can you not risk having even a momentary interruption with?

  • Phone communication? During major weather events the need to communicate with each other, emergency responders and even the families of the residents that call your community home. If you have a premise-based phone system and the lines are down can someone even get a message stating that the phones are down and then give information on what you are doing to protect their family member? Have you considered a hosted phone system where those messages can be left and available no matter what the circumstances are in your particular location?
  • How do you receive alerts from your emergency systems like E-Call and Nurse Call? If the phones are down will the alerts make it to your staff?
  • Do you have a backup plan in place for in-house communication? High quality 2-way radios are always a valuable resource.
  • If you are responsible for your residents medications do you have enough of a supply to manage a lapse in availability for a week or so? What about the medication tracking systems? Are they on backup or generator power and have you tested their ability to function on a power outage?
  • If your community or business has a generator, has it been tested recently and is the fuel tank full?
  • Do you have an adequate supply of bottled water?
  • If your area is impacted, do you have enough supplies to clean up your property?
  • While there are many good points to consider as you plan for a potential weather event your relationships with consultants, contractors and vendors become more important during those rare times when your business operations may be impacted by forces that are not in our control.

    Tazergy has developed many solutions and resources to assist you in managing your technology and planning for your tomorrows. When it comes to Hurricane Season the best advice we can offer you is the motto: “Be prepared!”

    Contact Tazergy for further information at 404-829-3749.

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