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Be Prepared For Weather Events

As hurricanes head for the southeast coast this season, you may be preparing for the possible devastating landfall or you may be thousands of miles away and will not be affected by its power. Maybe your weather events are more snow related or possibly...

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The High Points of Low Voltage

What is Low Voltage and why does Senior Living need it? It’s no surprise that "Low Voltage" is a direct current of electricity that is…well, low voltage. To electricians, that means it’s 50 Volts or less. Things like your smart phone and the doorbell at your house...

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Do You Need Your Own IT Department?

As a Senior Living operator adds more communities, the idea of hiring an IT Department may arise. Is that really a good idea? Maybe, if your corporate budget can handle the strain of several new hires and their benefits. But that’s not the real test of onboarding an...

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Artificial Intelligence and Senior Living

Huge leaps are being made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it’s already focusing in on Senior Living. Is that a good thing? Let’s come back to that after we do some background. “Artificial intelligence” is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast...

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What is a Technology Ecosystem?

We use that term a lot at Tazergy, because it’s the best way to describe the connectivity and interconnectivity in a community and enterprise. In short, your technology ecosystem is the closed digital network of your company. Your ecosystem extends beyond...

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Is Technology For Marketing or Care?

It is tempting to think of adding technology to Senior Living communities as a differentiation factor in the market. And, to a degree, that is one result of it. We have seen operators implement multiple technologies and broadcast to the market that...

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Smile for The Cameras

Video cameras are everywhere in our world and sometimes you wish they weren’t. One place you’ll be glad they are present is in your Senior Living community, because they can serve several purposes. Cameras improve safety, security, and operations. Let’s...

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Is RFID in Your Future?

Radio Frequency Identification…sounds like something from the future, right? Well, it’s here now and it really helps seniors in communities that have it. Imagine a watch sized bracelet made of flexible rubber on a senior’s wrist. That’s what an RFID band...

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Where’s That Resident?

In the past, when a resident pressed their emergency pendant, care givers would rush to the resident’s suite. If the resident was elsewhere in the community, a frantic search would then occur to find that resident. With today’s technology, care givers can...

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