Senior Housing's Operating System

Tazergy Creates and Supports Your Technology Ecosystem

One Integrated Technology Ecosystem

Technology has never been more critical to Senior Housing, and it’s getting even more essential as new digital products come on line.

Systems built today need to be designed to grow with the coming innovations while still serving the basics of senior care.

That’s why technology designed by experienced Senior Housing professionals is so vital. Technology isn’t a bunch of components wired together by separate vendors. It’s a unified ecosystem focused on the experience you provide to residents and their families.

Plus, technology has to support the management of your business operations and communications.

As Senior Housing’s Operating System, Tazergy is positioned to develop your technology strategy and help you manage it during daily operations.

Tazergy’s Technology Strategists began in Operations and Construction Management of Senior Housing. They know your needs and challenges and how to design a system prepared for tomorrow’s hi-tech advancements.

Contact Tazergy to begin creating your Senior Housing technology ecosystem.

Tazergy’s Technology Blog

Do You Need Your Own IT Department?

As a Senior Living operator adds more communities, the idea of hiring an IT Department may arise. Is that really a good idea? Maybe, if your corporate budget can handle the strain of several new hires and their benefits. But that’s not the real test of onboarding an...

Artificial Intelligence and Senior Living

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Senior Living’s Digital Destiny

Every year it gets closer, and every year it seems more inevitable. There will be a complete and unavoidable infiltration of senior living by all kinds of technology. And, for the most part, that’s true. Some of it has already happened, such as WiFi, flat...

Real Time Support by Tazergy’s Optimization Team

Technology Design to Empower Community Operations

Corporate Office Technology Design and  Implementation

Community Owners and Operators

You can leave the details of your technology to us and concentrate on caring for Seniors. Tazergy supports every component in your community and corporate technology ecosystem.

Community Construction Professionals

We’re experienced in construction. From low voltage design to installation, Tazergy keeps the budget and schedule as priorities.

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