Community Construction Professionals

Designing and Installing Low Voltage Infrastructures Requires Experience

We are experienced in construction. From low voltage design to installation, Tazergy keeps the budget and schedule as priorities.

It's one thing to know technology, it's another to be able to combine that knowledge with the experience that comes from working as Construction Managers.

That's Tazergy's edge. We've built buildings from the ground up and know the difference between theory and reality. And we can spot potential problems on the plans before they become change orders.

We specialize in designing technology systems for Senior Housing communities and use our construction backgrounds to ensure quality and clarity.

Installers are skilled in cable and component installation and we make sure they are onsite, and on schedule.

Community Owners and Operators

Solving the Technology Challenges of Senior Housing

You can leave the details of your technology to us and concentrate on caring for Seniors. Tazergy supports every component in your community and corporate technology ecosystem.

Think of all the technology-based systems in one single Senior Housing community. How do they communicate? How do you set them up? How do you add users, and what do you do when a system goes down?

From E-Call to Controlled Access keypads, every individual system in just one community has its own requirements for communication and operation. This leaves your care professionals managing devices through various dashboards and protocols.

Tazergy unifies all of them into one efficient technology ecosystem. And we do the same for your complex corporate office environment. Imagine your phones, computers, and network servers integrated into one centrally managed system.

Plus, we support these systems for you. Whether it's a security camera problem in the community or ordering a new employee setup at corporate, your technology needs are covered by Tazergy.


One Integrated Technology Ecosystem

Technology has never been more critical to Senior Housing, and it's getting even more essential as new digital products come on line.

Systems built today need to be designed to grow with the coming innovations while still serving the basics of senior care.

That's why technology designed by experienced Senior Housing professionals is so vital. Technology isn't a bunch of components wired together by separate vendors. It's a unified ecosystem focused on the experience you provide to residents and their families.

Plus, technology has to support the management of your business operations and communications.

As Senior Housing's Operating System, Tazergy is positioned to develop your technology strategy and help you manage it during daily operations.

Tazergy's Technology Strategists began in Operations and Construction Management of Senior Housing. They know your needs and challenges and how to design a system prepared for tomorrow's hi-tech advancements.

Contact Tazergy to begin creating your Senior Housing technology ecosystem.